Digital Consulting

Helping forward-thinking brands with their digital presence


What I'm All About

I specialize in giving advice on how to handle design and technology for online brands. I help design user-centric products & websites that also look good. I can also code SEO friendly HTML5, CSS and JS.

What You're All About

You're a business that's relatively new. You create products that's before its time. You want your online presence to match that. You're design-oriented. You're user-centric. You're about quality over quantity.

Things to consider with your digital assets

The Attention Grabber

People like things that look good. They're more pleasing to look at for long periods of time. Your site has to look better than your competition. You have to show your customers how different you are from the others. Look like a professional brand. Drop the templates.

A Website That Converts

People also like to complete tasks as fast as possible. No one wants to spend an hour tyring to find some information or to purchase an item. Please do your customers a favor. Make things easier!

Another thing, if your site or app has a thousand elements in their face, they're less likely to come back. Its too much to process. Why is In-N-Out & Chick-Fil-A drive-thru always poppin'? They have a minimal menu, with less than 10 major items.

How We Handle Things

Our Process

  • Listen & Learn

    We meet and we get to business. Lets talk about your needs, your deadlines, your budget, your content & your design direction.

  • Create & Develop

    After we defined our strategy, we get to work. I'll design your website. I'll design your app. I'll code your website. All I ask for is your feedback in a timely fashion.

  • Deliver & Reflect

    Once completed, we’ll hand over the deliverables and/or launch your website. After a few months, we'll review what happened & figure out what's next.

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