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We love systems, design & code. You love helping others and getting paid to do it. Let's work together to make your business more efficient and profitable.



What is this?

A service that helps your business build & optimize web systems.

We focus on designing and coding internal and external websites and apps that help your customers or team get things done.

Who are you?

We partner with founders of small to medium sized businesses to optimize their web systems. Industries that intrigue those we prefer to help people get things done.

Why its needed?

You need to grow your revenue, improve your profit margins, scale your systems or migitate risks in the future.

Great fit:

  • You're looking for someone who is good at systems design.
  • Over 80% of your business is online.
  • Driven by measurable goals & focused on creating a better future.
  • Prefer things built from scratch using first principles thinking.
  • Your business helps people get things done.
  • Looking to quickly iterate and improve your system over time.

Poor fit:

  • You're looking for someome who is good at communication design.
  • Over 80% of your business is offline.
  • Company is driven by vague outcomes & focus is primarily on the present.
  • You prefer a solution that already exist with a spin.
  • Your focus is brand awareness or entertainment.
  • You're looking to build everything all at once with no improvements over time.

When to act?

The time is right to work with us when your product or service has reached the go-to market growth phase.

What does that mean:

  1. Ideal Market Fit –
    You got the idea, but need to prove it work. You're still building a process for it. First test it with your audience, usually via Instagram or Tiktok.
  2. Product/Market Fit –
    People like the idea and you're getting attention. People are paying you money. Your next goal would be to launch this product or service on Squarespace or Wix to automate sales.
  3. Go-to Market –
    Things are looking good. You have steady customers and now hiring contractors to help you get things done. You're trying to scale, but its hard, thus leaving revenue on the table. This is the best time to reach out to us.
  4. Scale –
    You have a system that's serving you, but you're now ready to take it to the next level. This could look like setting up more staff-facing systems to talk to customer-facing systems, moving from third-party tools to your own tools, or full on vertical integration.

Where we work?

We work remotely & async via Slack during the day to day. Notion or Trello is where we'll manage the project. Weekly Meetings are held via Zoom or Hangouts. We can also meet in person if you like!

How we get started?

  1. Meet –

    Book a call, do a quick free audit, then see if we're a good fit for discovery.

  2. Discovery –

    We'll perform a discovery, which includes a full audit of your digital systems. You'll receive a gameplan that includes a system diagnostic, how we can improve your systems, establish some goals & build a roadmap.

  3. Build –

    We'll execute on the gameplan, building out each phase of the website or app and shipping updates monthly.

  4. Support –

    After shipping every phase from the roadmap, we'll move into Support phase. This is where we'll monitor your analytics monthly. We'll optimize the system to make sure your goals are met. This includes up to four monthly meetings, four tasks per month & free Slack consulting. Need a new feature? We can help you build that for $500/feature.


  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Product Design
  • Design Engineering
  • System Design


  • eCommerce Websites
  • Agency Websites
  • Web Software
  • Native Apps
  • Intranet Systems




Let's kick things off by audting your current system and identifying opportunities for improvement. We'll spend 1-2 weeks together to understand your goals and constraints. You'll receive a gameplan on how to restart your system to move forward.

System Audit

Advisory Report

Goal Setting

Scope Creation




Full system rebuild, which includes the Discovery to kick things off. Post discovery, we'll launch the initial phase of the new system in the first 1-2 months. Then we'll continue shipping phases until transition to Support

Discovery Included

Team Built Around Your Project

Iterative System Build

4x Video Chats per month

Revise until its right

Async Slack Communication

0 Spots Left
Let's Talk Systems



Our mission here is to make sure you're hitting your goals, such as doubling your revenue, increasing your user base or improving your customer lifetime value. We do this by optimizing your system and providing ongoing support.

4x Video Chats per month

4x Tasks per month

Analytics Review

Slack Text Support

New Features: $500/ea


Lichen Zhang
Lichen ZhangCo-Founder, Freshly Commerce
Working with Chris has been incredible. His design sense and technical expertise have allowed us to be hands-off during the implementation process and focus on other aspects of our business. He’s open to iterations in the design and dedicates time to writing quality code. Not only is he highly knowledgeable and efficient, but he’s also a joy to work with! Having Chris design and build our website has been impactful in growing our company and enhancing customer trust. There’s absolutely no doubt that we’ll continue to work with him.
Lindsay Label
Lindsay LabelCreative Development & Execution, Cakewalk Entertainment
Working with Chris has consistently been a delightful experience. He has been instrumental in guiding us through various iterations and updates of our website, assisting with tasks ranging from redesigns to platform migrations and ongoing maintenance. Chris has proven to be not only easy to collaborate with but also exceptionally responsive whenever we've had inquiries. We are truly grateful for his outstanding contributions and support!
Tom Bayam
Tom BayamFounder & CEO, Bayam Jewelry
I've worked with Chris for the past 3 months for UX/UI design of my website. Chris is very detail oriented, had great ideas and helped guide me through the process of building a website. Chris's work was done in a timely manner, I would recommend Chris to everyone one who needs great and unique design ideas. You will not be disappointed!
Matt Zimmer
Matt ZimmerAccount Manager,
The quality of Porter’s work is perfect. On top of that, our website — which they’ve helped develop — has a 70% conversion rate.
Todd Salemi
Todd SalemiFounder & President, Organics Alive
It runs smoothly. We do about 250k with zero advertising!

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