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Hyrecar Product Redesign

A case study on how Novvum & I teamed up to improve Hyrecar's web app framework.

Hyrecar Driver Marketplace

Growing Pains

  • Their explosive growth led to an unstable software platform and an app that experienced constant outages, resulting in poor user experiences.
  • The process for renting vehicles and renting out vehicles was cumbersome. The process needed a lot of steps reduced and making the process easy to use.
  • Design was hard to use on mobile devices
  • Design was stale and needed a refresh
  • Sign up and onboarding was so long, there were many people dropping off.
  • The process to book (or rent out) a car was so cumbersome that people were leaving comments in the app store about how confusing it was.


    • Discovery
    • Review old site, understand problem, review new design material & created a plan for infrastructure and design.
    • Data Architecture Rebuild
    • The Novvum team initiated a full rebuild of their infrastructure that was scalable, sustainable and could keep up with the high demands of their customers.
    • Redesign User Interface
    • Our team went through every screen for signup, renting vehicles and renting out vehicles, got customer feedback and improved their processes.
    • Test & Ship
    • Tested the site on modern browsers & devices and launched the redesign.
Hyrecar Owner Listing Application


    • IPO Ready
    • We were able to successfully deliver on our strategy within a three month time frame — just in time for HyreCar’s $14.5 Million IPO.
    • Increased Earnings
    • Following the rebuild and IPO in Q2 2019, Hyrecar recorded revenue at $3.8m, compared to $2.3m in 2018, an increase of 67%. Hyrecar also recorded an increase in gross profit of $2.3m, compared to $1.1m in 2018, an increase of 114%.

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