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Organics Alive

A case study on how we moved Organics Alive from WooCommerce to Shopify to improve processes.


Shopify Development & Consulting

Our goal here was to move Organics Alive from WooCommerce to Shopify. Jennie McGuirk created the design direction & branding. I helped setup the Shopify system, pages & processes.

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    • Discovery
    • Review old site, understand problem, review new design material & connecting the dots.
    • Setup the System
    • Created a new Shopify account, configured store details, users, payment, checkout, shipping, delivery & notifications.
    • Setup store layout
    • Installed theme, adjusted CSS styles to match layout & adjusted Liquid templates to tinker with store logic.
    • Setup functionality & automation
    • Integrated Mailchimp for email marketing automation; Integrated GoAffPro for affiliate marketing; Integrated Metafields Guru for product page customization; Integrated Store Locator to map distributors.
    • Test & Ship
    • Tested the site on modern browsers & devices; Integrated Google Analytics & Shipped within two months.


    • Sales
    • $250,000 (2021)Up 25% y/y
    • $200,000 (2020)
    • Sessions
    • 36,713 (2021)Dn 10% y/y
    • 40,829 (2020)
    • Conversion Rate
    • 2.53% (2021)Up 24% y/y
    • 2.05% (2020)
    • Returning Customers
    • 34.51% (2021)Up 58% y/y
    • 21.9% (2020)


"It runs smoothly. We do about 250k with zero advertising!"

- Todd Salemi, Founder & President of Organics Alive

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