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Novvum's React Headless Website Redesign

A case study on how I redesigned Novvum's React Headless website


Design for Gatsby Website

Our goal here was to create a separate brands for Novvum and their Shopify e-Commerce clients. Their goal is to help clients with bustling Shopify sites, but the template they're using isn't performing at high speeds. To fix this for clients, Novvum would rebuild their front-end using React and use Shopify as a headless CMS.

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    • Discovery
    • Review their past work with Shopify clients, understand the sales problem Novvum wanted to solve & connect the dots.
    • Design the Website
    • Created a quick logo, designed the homepage, about page, blog index, blog detail & contact page.
    • Developer Collaboration
    • Worked with Novvum's developers to make sure they have received all the needed design assets and made sure the site looks as close to the design as possible.
    • Test & Ship
    • Tested the site on modern browsers & devices; Integrated Google Analytics & and launch.
React Headless Logo
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